(C) 2018 Shannon Eckley. Collinsville Axe Factory.

(C) 2018 Shannon Eckley. Collinsville Axe Factory.

I am Karolina Phoebe Andersen - writer, editor, artist, musician, marketing pro, and content creator.  My passion for reading, writing, and art began at a very young age and continues to drive me today. Through various artistic channels I weave together prose, visual art, and music to form a holistic narrative. I am an aesthetically-driven storyteller with an editorial eye - able to notice small and important things that others tend to overlook. Though I am a creative, I also bring with me over a decade of corporate project management and marketing experience.

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My areas of expertise are writing and editing, creative design and strategy, front-end UX/UI, and content marketing. I write fiction (short stories and poetry, mostly), creative nonfiction, blogs, articles, video scripts, process manuals, legal contracts, web copy, marketing copy...and songs. Topics of special interest in non-fiction are: art & culture, travel, sustainable living,  food, yoga, and life insurance. My creative writing lives here: www.nomadka.com.

Currently I am freelancing as a writer, editor, start-up contractor, and content creator. To work with me, check out the Work With Me page (duh).

Writing samples can be found here or check out my blog for more words.

This site also features some of my photography and paintings.

Shameless band plug: I write music, sing, and play bass, and am involved in a number of musical projects at any one time. My original rock band - Princess Randallina - lives here.