5 Online Options for Biography-Writing Services

Not everyone can write. This single truth is, in fact, how I make a living. Beyond this truth is another – it’s even harder to write about yourself. To step outside of our own minds and write about ourselves objectively is very difficult. Even the best writers often struggle with this and turn to peer reviews, editors, and other support to chisel out their own brilliance.


Leave it to the internet to simplify (and complicate) this process. If you need a biography, whether a professional, or literary one, you can now turn to online biography writing companies for help. Prices for this type of service vary widely, as does the end product quality. In this article I review five online companies that offer bio writing – with prices ranging from $45 to $600 per piece. Turn-around times for completion work vary as well, though one common thread connects these businesses: they all offer unlimited revisions of the writing until the client is satisfied. So…customer satisfaction is clearly still a primary focus. And a possible curse. If any of you have worked directly for a client before you know what I mean. Just one stubborn, ill-informed client can cost you hours of free labor, days of headache, and possibly even a mad rush to triage a horrible web review. (Curse you, Yelp!!!)



Bio Writing Service is an online company that specializes, as the name implies, exclusively in biography writing. The company's website includes a chatbot, an online quote form, and boasts 24/7 customer service support. The services offered include professional career biographies, admissions bios, short bios, and memoirs. Prices range from $44.79 for a short 300-word bio to $75.99 for a 500-word professional bio. The website also offers to create an entire personal biography website for $559.97. Kind of an odd choice, throwing the 97 cents in there, but we will let that slide.

All you need to get started is to fill out an online order form, send the payment and name at time when you can chat with the writer. After a quick consult, you get a draft of your bio and work with the writer on any desired revisions. The turnaround times for 1st draft delivery are slightly vague – the website claims that the product will be delivered within 14 days, but it’s unclear whether that timeline is for the 1st draft delivery, or for the final version. This company can clearly handle various types of tone and voice, and boasts a familiarity with the nuances of both short-form writing and long-form literary writing. The website copy is written fairly well: a nod to its claim of only employing native English-speaking writers. There are little to no grammatical errors and only a few awkward sentences on the website. These guys call out their commitment to honesty in biography writing, as well the prowess of its editors. A good biography, the website states, “should fascinate, surprise and inspire the reader”. I have to agree.



JobStars LLC is a Chicago-based company that provides “expert job seeker and career services”. JobStars offers career coaching and resume writing services, as well a professional bio product: either a full page (500 words) or ½ page (250 words) bio “on an eye-catching layout”. Basically what you will get is a professional, short-form, resume-like piece outlining your education, experience, knowledge, certifications, etc. in an interesting and comprehensive way. There are four experience levels to choose from when ordering the product: Entry, Executive, Management, and Professional, and the biographies are priced at $150 - $450, depending on experience level and length of the piece. JobStars promises 1st draft delivery to the client within four business days, after which point the writer and the client work on any necessary revisions.



Oh boy. I was on the fence whether I should throw Truelancer.com into this article, but in the end I decided to include it as an example of where NOT to go. This site is a free online employment marketplace, bringing together various freelancers and companies, or other entities, posting project-based contractual work around the globe. You can search the site for available web designers, web developers, SEO consultants, graphic designers, writers, translators, etc. and even comparison-shop their rates. Each freelancer profile has a photo, an hourly rate, and a short bio listing their skills and employment history, as well as their location. For biography writing, prices range from $2 - $100 per hour. But what this really is – is a hot mess of cluttered graphics, poorly functioning UX, a hideous web layout, non-native English speakers and ads. In fact, I’m pretty sure a robot-translated the web copy into English, and no one bothered to make sure it made any sense. I have no experience in coding or web development. Perhaps this is not a bad place for those services. For English writing, however, this is NOT the place.



ContentDevelopmentPros.com offers a number of writing services, including website copy, article writing, eBooks, blog posts, infographics, PR communications, and SEO content marketing. Their custom biography writing service promises to “help you write a biography that’s bound to leave a lasting impression” and offers to “shine the light on your professional trajectory”. The copy on the website is well-written, witty, and engaging, while remaining professional and free of marketing “fluff”. The site has a chatbot option and 24/7 support. These guys offer three standard biography packages: the short bio is priced at $45 and contains 300 words, the professional bio is 500 words long and costs $75, and the detailed bio is priced at $99 and is 1,000 words long. All three packages have a turnaround time of three days, with rush orders available for an extra fee (though it is unclear what that fee is).



ProPapers.com is focused on academic-type writing. The copy on the website reflects the company’s specialization: highly stylized language, long sentence structure, an ambling, pedagogic tone. The company offers a wide array of writing services, including coursework and assignment help, research and term paper writing, book critiques, dissertations, thesis writing, grants, cover letters, business plans, admissions essays, and biography writing. The big pitch for this company is that they employ highly educated writers (some hold PhD degrees), and guarantee all work to be plagiarism-free. Turnaround times range from as little as 6 hours, to 14 days, and there are 3 main levels of writing to choose from: Undergraduate, Bachelor, and Professional. The prices of these services vary widely depending on the level of writing selected, the number of pages needed, and the requested turnaround time. For example a biography order with a 2-day turnaround time on a professional level starts at $30. An undergraduate-level piece of writing with a 14-day turnaround time starts at just $10. Of course, you have to wonder – what kind of PhD holder is out there writing bios for twenty-somethings at $10 a pop?



The moral is: where to go for online biography-writing services depends on your industry, career level, and budget. Be prepared to wait a couple of weeks for a final product and pay around $100 - $300 if you are a mid-career professional and want a quality piece of writing. If you’re just starting out, you can spend around $50 for a short bio. If you’re student with little to no experience and you don’t mind waiting two weeks – you can get a bio for $10. But at that point I recommend that you just find a writer-friend to do it for you.  Remember that all these companies offer unlimited revisions, so make sure you are happy with the final product, but don’t be a pain about it. Just don’t go to Truelancer.